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Harley Davidson®

Ultimate Harley Davidson® Custom Motorcycle Seats

It's all about comfort .....

Our Ultimate Harley Davidson® motorcycle seats are offered as individual components or as sets.  You can get a one or two piece rider Harley seat, as well as a one or two piece passenger Harley seat.  Or you can get a rider backrest or a passenger backrest pad. Or you can get all four pieces - rider seat and backrest, passenger seat and passenger backrest pad. All Ultimate Harley Davisdon® seats are available in plain or studded.

Road King® Seats

The rider Harley Davidson® seat has a removable backrest.   


The Ultimate Harley seat is designed with your particular comfort in mind. Ultimate’s design expertise guarantees you a long distance, no numbum ride. With Ultimate’s exclusive comfort memory foam, you will enjoy the most comfortable ride you have ever known.  Correct nose angle design will prevent you from sliding forward, so you will sit in your Harley seat, not on it.

Each Ultimate Harley seat is built on an exclusive and revolutionary rigid composite injection molded base pan, and has built in rubber bumpers which locate the pan to the bike frame. All fasteners on these motorcycle seats are stainless steel, and all steel brackets on the Ultimate Harley seat are black zinc electroplated.

Each Harley Davidson® seat will sit you at the same height and the same position to the handlebars as your stock Harley seat.

Made of durable premium marine vinyl that looks and feels like leather.  Ultimate vinyl wears long and looks new longer, and is almost maintenance free.

The Ultimate Harley Davidson® seat is water resistant but not waterproof.  

Most motorcycle seats are built with a sheet of plastic between the seat cover and the foam. This prevents the water from going through the cover stitching into the foam.  However, the sheet of plastic tends to hold all the heat in the seat cover, so Ultimate does not use this method. Ultimate custom motorcycle seats, including the Harley seat, will disperse the seat cover heat through the foam, giving your butt a cooler ride.

The tradeoff for this is that the Ultimate Harley Davidson® seat is water resistant, but not waterproof. A vinyl Harley seat will let water in through the stitching.

A Harley seat rain cover should be used to prevent water from seeping through the stitches into the comfort foam of your Harley seat.

Electra Glide® Ultra Classic® Ride-On Rain Covers

We recommend you always cover your custom Harley Davidson® seat with a waterproof cover when sitting or riding in the rain.  This will also protect custom motorcycle seats from the sun’s damaging rays.

You can get your Harley seat plain or studded.


Ultimate Logo is standard on each Ultimate Harley seat in black and is included.

Let's get you and your passenger in a comfortable and luxurious Ultimate custom motorcycle seat today, so that you can have........

                                                                                                 -------------------------------> Comfort For The Journey!

Only The Most Comfortable Motorcycle Seats Sold Here!

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