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nbmotorcycleseats blogs

nbmotorcycleseats blogs

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nbmotorcycleseats blogs

10/1/22 - "I have received my seat and have finally gotten a chance to take a decent afternoon ride. It is amazing! A 4.5 hour ride was really confortable! Absolutely worth the wait (you can quote me on this). I will be ordering the backrest for Christmas!


Wally from Florence, KY

Pics of Wally's bike


9/15/22 - "Dear Mary,

I arrived back home a few days ago to find my beautiful seat had arrived a bit earlier. It is better than I hoped. Would you please convey my thanks to the makers. And thank you again for facilitating the delivery when all looked lost.

With kind regards,"

Clif from Waverley, Australia

4/30/22 - "Love the seats! Thank you so much! Oh man, was not kidding! Comfortable!"

Joe from Rockville, IN

Pic of Joe's Bike


8/24/21 - "I am *VERY* happy with the seat. It's extremely comfortable, and the lower height is exactly what I wanted.

Thank you again"

Marc from Coram, NY


Pics of Marc's bike


8/21/21 - "Hello, I want to thank you for your service, my seats are perfectly fitted to me and I am satisfied of the comfort from ride on them.


Grzegorz from Poland

Pics of Grzegorz' bike


8/1/2021 - "Hello Mary!! Got the seats couple weeks ago. They fit like a glove as you said. Been riding and let me tell you I enjoyed the ride like never did before. I personally want to thank you for your fast response and good service. I will for sure recommend your seats to all my friends. Here are some pictures of those beautiful seats. Thanks again Mary."

Gaetan from Quebec, Canada 

Pics of Gaetan's Bike


2/19/21 - "I received my ultimate lowrider seats and put them on. They went on pretty easy with no complications. They look awesome. I rode for almost 500 miles and have to say WOW. I've been riding for about 35yrs and have never had or used a backrest. Once I got the rest adjusted to myself it was comfortable. The seat itself though firm, the contour and tilt of seat made riding for me extremely comfortable. Had no lower back pain and no discomfort in my buttock or tailbone area. The ultimate lowrider seat is my choice for my long rides and trips from here on out. Happy riding."

Lori from Salem, AR

Pic of Lori's bike


9/22/20 - "Hi Mary, I rarely contact anyone about a product order, but just wanted to say great job and thanks for your understanding customer service. I had called several weeks ago about an Ultimate brand passenger seat and backrest to match an Ultimate rider seat on a used bike I bought. I delayed getting it on order for awhile but when I called back you remembered me and had made notes on what I needed from my first call. Old school customer service, almost impossible to find nowadays from any vendor.

Items arrived yesterday, several weeks sooner than expected, and fit perfectly! Now if I could only make the hurricane remnants go away I could take my wife out for a ride!!

Thanks again, GREAT job."

John from Manchester, TN


6/8/20 - "We went on a 90 mile ride last week. My wife loves the seat. I stopped once to check on her and she said keep going. Absolutely worth it."

Mike from Genola, UT


1/6/19 - "Hi Mary
I wish you a happy new year!

Attached I will send you a picture of my bike with your awesome seats!
I am highly satisfied with your work regard to your creative skills and the delivery time!

Many thanks

Best Regards"

Rene' from Liechtenstein

Pic of Rene's bike


12/10/18 - "Mary, the seat fits perfectly! Pls share these pictures with Russell. He was concerned ....
Thanks for all your help."

Cliff from Marietta, GA


Pics of Cliff's bike


6/23/18 - "Thought I'd let you know that we rode over 250 miles today and the wife and I both thought it was the best ride that we have had since we have had the trike.

Neither of us had any hip or low back pain. And I didn't have any leg pain until we were almost home and that can be fixed by adjusting the highway pegs.

Just wanted to tell you that the seat fixed all our problems and that the seat is worth every cent.

Thank you.

Steven from Russellville, AR

Pics of Steven's trike


4/10/12 - 
"I just received my new, comfortable Ultimate motorcycle seat for my Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic. I have a little arthritis problem in my right hip and have found every motorcycle seat I have tried hasn't worked for me. I still got pain after only about 10 or 15 minutes of riding. That was with a Mustang and Corbin Touring motorcycle seats. I even went so far as to have a local upholstery company put memory foam over gel into the Corbin motorcycle seat at a total cost of over $300 above and beyond the original cost of the seat. No help. When I got my new comfortable Ultimate motorcycle seat, I first thought it was a little short, front to back on me keester. But when I got used to that, (only about an hour or so of riding) I found that my pain issue wasn't nearly as severe, and in fact I could move around to lessen it. This comfortable Ultimate motorcycle seat foam is gently soft, but with support especially in the lower back and the passenger Ultimate motorcycle seat is just as comfortable. Now for an interesting turn of events. My comfortable new Ultimate motorcycle seat raises me up just a little and places me slightly forward, giving me a good, comfortable grip position on the handle bar. And I know this sounds odd, but I have better control over the bike than I have ever experienced before. Right turns used to seem hard to control. Not now. I make them with confidence. That has made riding a dream. I was at the point that if I didn't find a comfortable motorcycle seat that would not give me pain, I was about to give up either on my Kawasaki, or maybe even riding, altogether. Thank you NB Motorcycle Seats, for my new, comfortable Ultimate motorcycle seat. You have helped to bring back the joy of motorcycling.

Best Regards,

Allen from Michigan


    12/14/11 - "Hi Mary, 
     My very comfortable Ultimate motorcycle seats got held up in customs, but finally got them on the bike today - they look great!! We went for a ride and we love them, thanks very much for great service."

     Faye from New Zealand

     Pics of Faye's bike

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