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Ultimate Honda® Valkyrie Custom Motorcycle Seats

 It's all about comfort .....

Our Ultimate Valkyrie custom motorcycle seats are designed with your particular comfort in mind. Ultimate design expertise for Valkyrie seats guarantees you a long distance, no numbum ride. With Ultimate’s exclusive comfort memory foam, you will enjoy the most comfortable ride you have ever known.  Correct nose angle design will prevent you from sliding forward on your Ultimate Valkyrie seat, so you will sit in the seat, not on it.

Ultimate Honda® Valkyrie Custom Motorcycle Seats - Standard/Tourer

Ultimate Honda® Valkyrie Custom Motorcycle Seats - Interstate

The Ultimate Valkyrie Interstate Seat replacement is a two-piece seat system.  The Interstate Passenger Seat mounts with no modifications.

The Ultimate Valkyrie LOWRIDER Seat is sutiable for riders 5' 11" or less, up to 200 lbs and/or no more than a 32" inseam. The Ultimate LOWRIDER Seat is a full 17" wide and will sit you 1" lower and the same distance from handlebars as your stock seat, if you are under 200 lbs.  Both your feet will be flat on the ground if you have at least a 28" inseam.  The Ultimate LOWRIDER Seat is built with a 6-1/2" back support with an increased nose angle to keep you from sliding forward during braking.

The Ultimate Valkyrie BIG BOY Seat is suitable for riders 6' or more, 220 - 260 lbs. and/or more than a 33" inseam. The Ultimate BIG BOY Seat is a full 19" wide, is one inch higher than your stock seat, and will place you the same distance from the handlebars as your stock seat.  The BIG BOY Seat is 2" wider than your stock seat.  Increased nose angle prevents the rider from sliding forward during braking.

The Ultimate Valkyrie KING seat is for riders 6' 3" or more, over 260 lbs., and/or a 34" inseam or more. The Ultimate KING Seat sits the rider 1" higher and 2" further back than your stock seat.

Removable Rider Backrests are available for all Ultimate Valkyrie Seats.

Ultimate Valkyrie Removable Rider Backrest

-   Pad measures 7" high by 10" wide by 1.5" thick and is built using the same memory foam as Ultimate Shadow 750 seats.
-   Infinite tilt to match your back angle.
-   Folds down forward for easy on and off motorcycle seats.
-   Adjustment forward and back is more than 2 inches.
-   Adjusts with a thumb screw while your riding.
-   No need to remove the seat or use a wrench.

Ultimate Valkyrie Passenger Seat

The Ultimate Valkyrie passenger seat is 16” wide and has a steeper nose angle to keep the passneger from sliding forward into the rider.  It has comfort to spare and fits with all passenger backrest sissy bars.

The Ultimate Valkyrie Sissy Bar Pad - Standard/Tourer

The Ultimate Valkyrie sissy bar pad measures 12" wide x 8" high and sits your passenger 10 degrees straighter than the stock pad. This helps eliminate back fatigue on those long rides. The pad comes with stainless steel screws and fits on your Standard or Deluxe Hondaline sissy bar or any other make bar. The Ultimate Sissy bar pad can be adjusted to two heights - same as stock or 2" higher for mid back support.  Adjusts in seconds.

The Ultimate Valkyrie Passenger Backrest Pad - Interstate

The Ultimate Valkyrie Passenger Backrest Pad for Valkyrie Interstate includes a major comfort modification - your passenger will now sit 10 degrees more vertical. This eliminates back fatigue on those long rides. The backrest has a new comfort foam insert and is recovered with Ultimate's upgraded materials and includes the embroidered V and ULTIMATE logo.

Ultimate Valkyrie seats are made of durable premium marine vinyl that looks and feels like leather.  Ultimate vinyl wears long and looks new longer, and is almost maintenance free.

Ultimate Honda® Valkyrie seats are water resistant but not waterproof.  

Most motorcycle seats are built with a sheet of plastic between the seat cover and the foam. This prevents the water from going through the cover stitching into the foam.  However, the sheet of plastic tends to holds all the heat in the seat cover, so Ultimate does not use this method. Ultimate custom motorcycle seats, including Honda® Valkyrie seats, will disperse the seat cover heat through the foam, giving your butt a cooler ride.

The tradeoff for this is that Ultimate Honda® Valkyrie seats are water resistant, but not waterproof. A vinyl seat will let water in through the stitching.

A rain cover should be used to prevent water from seeping through the stitches into the comfort foam of your Valkyrie seats.

VTX 1800 R/S/T Ride-On Rain Covers

We recommend you always cover your custom motorcycle seats with a waterproof cover when sitting or riding in the rain.  This will also protect your seat from the sun’s damaging rays.

NOTE:  If your bike has Corbin Beetle Bags, you will need to select the Corbin Beetle Bag Custom Option - $25.00.

Let's get you and your passenger in a comfortable and luxurious Ultimate custom motorcycle seat today, so that you can have........

-------------------------------> Comfort For The Journey!

Only The Most Comfortable Motorcycle Seats Sold Here!

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