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Custom Options - Ultimate VTX
Custom Options - Ultimate VTX
Custom Options - VTX

Custom Options - VTX

Ultimate Custom Embroidery and Stitching Options

Ultimate standard embroidered Logo is the "X Ultimate" in silver/grey thread and is included at no charge.  Ultimate standard stitching in seats is black.  Ultimate custom embroidery options are for rider back support or passenger backrest pad.  On the rider seat, custom emboidery option can replace Ultimate "X" Logo on back support.  For passenger backrest pad, custom embroidery can only be placed on front of backrest pad.  Ultimate seats can also be ordered without any Ultimate Logo or custom options.  

Custom Options - Embroidery

All the Ultimate emboidery options are approximately 3" X 3" and can be placed on the rider back support or the front of the passenger backrest pad.  All are $45 each.

Please remember any custom embroidery or stitching or no logo at all is non-returnable.

Embroidery Thread Color Options for X Ultimate Logo - $25 a set

X Ultimate thread color options are:  red, yellow, blue, green, orange, black

X Ultimate in silver/grey is standard.

Custom Stitching Options - $25 a set

Stitching color options are:  red, yellow, blue, green, orange, silver

Standard stitching is black.

Custom Inlay Options - Durable Synthetic Ostrich Two/Tone - $100 a set

Color options are: red, blue, black, tan

Full Synthetic Ostrich Seat - Tan - $150 a set

Custom Embroidery Options - Passenger Pad - $45 each

Embroidery options for passenger pad are for front only.

Color options vary and are those shown in
Custom Options - VTX

Custom Embroidery Options - Rider Seat - $45 each

Custom embroidery is placed on rider back support area.

Custom color options are shown in
Custom Options - VTX

NOTE: Please remember there are no returns on any custom order.

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